DING HONG Construction
DING HONG Construction establishes a vigorous corporate culture. We pursue excellence and eminence so as to assure the good quality and security for the trust of our customers. Our business mainly includes construction, constructing materials, interior design and estate facility maintenance in Hong Kong and mainland China. We also provide paint and rock material etc.
As we accumulate the knowledge of the market, abundant experience and advanced technique with the help of mainland China property market which demands a higher quality standard, it is good for the future development of DING HONG Construction. We will eager to develop an excellent inland business, and establish a strategic place in inland major cities in order to provide our services.
DING HONG Construction is keen to participate vary interior repairs, improvement and maintenance of design and implementation.Our product is great and gains reputation. Our construction sites undertake business office, shopping centre, bank, high class hotel, good quality business mansion, shopping mall, residential house, sport and art centre and facility, hospital, college and park construction, etc. We have advanced skills and careful quality control process to satisfy the strict construction standard. We also register in Hong Kong Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department as electric constructor and one of the main provider of construction material. Our business involves sales and supply of paint and rock material product, etc.
DING HONG Construction connects buyers, vendors and trade partners. To the construction and home decoration material trading enterprise, we provide entire information of construction market (including construction policy, import and export trading regulation, marketing condition of supply and demand, and the trend of pricing, etc), and perfect trading and supply chain management service, and eager to expand global trading and high quality service.
Services of DING HONG Construction
  1. Construction
2. Interior Design (including window decorations, graphic design,
  advertising design, enterprise brand name design, etc)
3. Construction materials (including paint, rock material, etc.)
4. Estate Maintenance (including water and electric repair, etc.)


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