DING HONG Trading is the pioneer of the trade. Our undertaking pursues ˇ§good quality, low cost, good service, quick product trendˇ¨ target and provides one-station trading service.
DING HONG Trading mainly includes various fashion design and accessories, sound natural health, beauty and make-up, medical service, household, industrial and commercial promotion, etc. We have a close-knit connection with vendors in mainland China and the world. The huge outcome and reliable service award our company an honor in the trading market and an extensive fame.
DING HONG Trading combines vendor, importer, transportation agent and trading partner into an enormous logistic chain, in order to provide a complete door to door trading information and supply chain management service for related service company. We are enthusiastic to extend global trading product and provide good logistic service, so as to become a multi-function global trading company of design, technology, production, service, product and transport.
Services of DING HONG Trading
  1. Fashion and accessories

2. Natural product and health

  3. Beauty and make-up
  4. Medical insurance
  5. Home decoration
  6. Industrial and commerce promotion
  7. Delicate presents


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