Ding Hong Consultant
DING HONG Consultant mainly includes construction, auditing, accounting, taxation, enterprise secretary, enterprise management, information management, property management, registration of Hong Kong oversea company, law consultation, promotion of product, design, application for registration of patent, trade-mark and copyright, and other information rights services.
A specialist of DING HONG Consultant receives professional training and work on that region for many years, possessing abundant knowledge and experience. We have a team of professionals and management of circulation chain about information right, whom possess superior skills, law, professional knowledge, foreign language and good respectable spirit.
DING HONG Consultant upholds the idea of professional service and customer-oriented. We serve our honorable guest with creative, aggressive, and initiative way to provide superior service.With all membersˇ¦ effort and striving, our business is enlarging and developing continuously, and becomes a consultant of our corporation, our trading partner and a global consultant center. We also are the highly-imitated model.
Along with the globalizing economic trade and the rapid development of information right enterprise DING HONG Consultant attain the global customersˇ¦ reliance by the undertaking attitude of the eminence and trying the best. We will serve our every customer same as before.
Services of DING HONG Consultant
  1. Constuction consultant

2. Auditing, accounting, taxation

  3. Registration of Hong Kong or Oversea company
  4. Enterprise secretary
  5. Enterprise management
  6. Information management
  7. Property management
  8. Investment
  9. Law consultant
  10. Product promotion
  11.Patent, trade-mark, copyright
  12. Other information right


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